Moving Forward

We’ve been thinking…

If you've followed us for the past few years, you have seen our growth as a collective. When defining ourselves, we always settle on the word "platform" - while simultaneously trying to conceptualize the best ways to be just that.

Photo cred:  Kaltoum Alibrahimi

Photo cred: Kaltoum Alibrahimi

We know that QTPOC deserve more than what our society offers us, but how could we create a cultural shift towards inclusion?

Over the past few years, we wrestled with ideas and learned trial by fire. And sometimes, we took L's. But, we always had gains.

So, where are we now?? Well... we’re still working through these questions. We envision MOVES as a collaborative community - a collective of QTPOC doing dope creative things; a collection that aims to decenter white cisheteronormativity in creative and social spaces; a collective that is responsive to and engaged with our community.


Considering our new outlook, we decided to make a major change: dropping the use of gender-specific language. Words and phrases like “her“, “she”, “pussy power”, etc. may be important identifiers and proclamations for many individuals in our community, but we understand that using gendered language to define an entire collective reflects an outdated perspective of gender justice that excludes people who are trans and nonbinary. MOVES includes and celebrates QTPOC of all and no gender(s). Therefore, we will no longer use language that upholds cisnormativity. And, as we continue to grow and work on new projects, we will be committed to and more intentional about including, affirming, and celebrating the many different QTPOC in Philadelphia.

You might be wondering what to expect from us, moving forward?

  • Expect MOVES to develop impactful and responsive projects.

  • Expect MOVES to grow its team (and you can join us, if you’d like!).

  • Expect MOVES to practice greater accountability within the spaces we create.

  • Expect MOVES to make exciting collaborations.

We have had so many great experiences over the last 3 years, and we are excited to see where we will go from here. We hope you’re down to keep moving with us.