Now THIS is Newsworthy - Spring 2019 Wrap Up

Thank you for all your support!

Thank you so much for your support of MOVES Gallery, FADE, and JUICE! This series of events challenged us to think and move outside the box, and we are so happy that you chose to share in that experience with us.

The photo and video recaps for FADE and JUICE are live on our website! Check them out and share them with your friends!

MOVES is taking a brief hiatus (cuz we need a little nap lol) until the middle-end of summer 2019, so we hope you enjoy your summer, and we'll link up again soon! We have sooooo many more ideas, so make sure you join our mailing list and don’t miss a beat!

MOVES: Daiyon Kpou, Chris Wallace, Wuraola Mboudou Mbala, Jamya Day (DJ Jamz)

Photo credits: Kaltoum Alibrahimi

Momma, We Made It!

MOVES Gallery and JUICE were both featured in the following local news:

Spaces and Places

After an exciting 2-month run, MOVES Gallery closed its doors on Saturday, June 15. A collaborative creative project, MOVES Gallery imagined a community space organized for and by Black and Brown LGBTQ people.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support of MOVES Gallery and JUICE:

Austin Lee
Becca Graham
Hadiyah Gaiters
Kashmir Lucius
Naima Merella
Nineka Downing
Rejected Society x 3
Yaa McNeil
All exhibiting and performing artists at MOVES Gallery (listed on gallery webpage)
All volunteers who helped set up and break down JUICE

Photo/Video: Kaltoum Alibrahimi and David Ford Productions

Nonprofit supporters, sponsors, and collaborators:
Bread And Roses Community Fund
New Voices for Reproductive Justice
One Art Community Center
Resist Fund
Sex Talk Offline Panelists
Womanist Working Collective

Fresh Grocer
Trader Joe’s